Pip is planning a speech to the Young Farmers on the evils of Matt Crawford.

Radio Times: Phil and Jill have a homecoming.

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  • Phil and Jill are back from their holidays. Ruth picks them up from the airport because Shula has had to take Jim to hospital after a fall but it turns out it’s fine. They obviously had a great time. Slightly puzzled to find two enormous turkeys in their freezer though!
  • No 1 the Green has gone to Londoners who are going to use it as a weekend retreat. It’s such a shame. It is perfect for a young family.
  • David is pretty sure Tony is wavering on the subject of the digester; he thinks he can convince him if Adam gives him another couple of days to work on him.
  • Pip is doing a speech on the skylarks for the Young Farmers’ public speaking competition. It was going to be about Hereford beef but she thinks spreading the message about protecting the environment from vandals like Matt Crawford.

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