Pip refuses to take advice. Matt refuses a visit.

Radio Times: David and Ruth face a parenting challenge.

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  • Lilian takes Peggy to visit Jack. He is settled at The Laurels, but finds more than one visitor confusing. Peggy, too, is more settled, and intends to spend time while Jack has his meals and a sleep collating the questionnaires for the community shop.
  • After dropping her bombshell last night, Pip sleeps late. She comes down and asks Ruth if she’s told David of Pip’s decision. Ruth hasn’t, clearly hoping Pip will have slept on the idea and had a change of heart. But Pip is as determined as ever to leave college and start work on the farm. She argues with Ruth, and storms off to tell David.
  • Lilian is delighted to have a call from Matt. He’s got some good news; his work in the glasshouses has paid dividends, and he’s been recommended for Enhanced Status, which means more pay and more visits. Lilian is delighted, and tells him that Jenny will come to see him too. But Matt refuses to consider the idea. The only way he can cope is by blotting out the outside world. He will only see Lilian.
  • Pip loses no time in telling David what she intends to do. David is predictably angry, and a row ensues. He’s furious that Ruth didn’t tell him, too.
  • Lilian calls to pick Peggy up from The Laurels, and tells her about Matt. Peggy is very understanding; when Jack No. 1 was drinking, she didn’t want anyone to know. It was pride, and Matt has his pride too. But pride kept her going, as it will Matt. He’s got Lilian, and that’s all he needs.
  • When David calms down, he talks the matter of Pip’s decision over with Ruth. He thinks they should present a united front and refuse to let her leave. More reasonably, Ruth tells David to wait – she has a plan.

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