Robert and Lynda replace Eddie and Clarrie as the pantomime cow.

Radio Times: Things start looking up for Clarrie.

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  • Alice is watching Christopher at work. They aren’t going to get together for Christmas lunch though. Alice has to be at Grey Gables.
  • It’s the final technical rehearsal for the pantomime. Lynda is disappointed with how it has gone. Eddie is still determined not to play the part of the cow and steps into the assistant stage manager role. So desperate situations mean Lynda has to step into the role of the back end. Clarrie doesn’t think sharing a costume with Lynda is a great idea so Lynda designates Robert for the role of front end and Clarrie is off the hook.
  • Alistair goes to visit Maurice, Tom’s butcher, to ask him to look out for Ryan at the GA meeting in case he needs to talk. Maurice says he will though thinks Alistair needs not to get so involved.
  • In the pub afterwards, Clarrie is thrilled. She’s out of the pantomime and William is coming home tomorrow. Things are looking up.

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