Roy and Hayley agree to Phoebe staying a week at Home Farm. Helen’s test result is low risk.

Radio Times: Kate causes problems before she’s even arrived, and Kenton decides to live life to the full.

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  • Jennifer proposes Phoebe stays with her from Thursday, when Kate arrives, until the following Thursday, Kate’s birthday. It would help the two of them get into the swing of things. Roy approaches Hayley who has a myriad of reasons why it is a bad idea, most of them valid, but Roy understandably doesn’t want to be awkward from the off so suggests they should agree and then point out problems as they arise. Hayley reluctantly concurs, not wanting Phoebe to feel she shouldn’t want to see her other mum, but with conditions; if Kate wants to come back and be a parent she is going to have to start acting like one.
  • Phil’s rose bowl was won by Vicky, although Roy thinks her garden designer must have been a help.
  • Kenton has a harebrained scheme to get Elizabeth out of Lower Loxley for an afternoon so Nigel can set up the surprise anniversary dinner. He doesn’t want to hear Kirsty’s criticisms of it. As the evening wears on he gets chummy with Holly, a customer on her 35th birthday.
  • Helen’s triple-test result is low risk and she has a new motto, what will be, will be.

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