Roy buys a ring and Kathy gets a job at Lower Loxley

Radio Times: A busy day at the jeweller’s

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  • The twins are enjoying their presents, but Nigel worried about Julia coping in her part. Elizabether thinks that Julia will love being the centre of attention, the heroine who saved the show. She’s still moaning about losing their shop manager.
  • Roy’s conspiring with Brenda on advice for a present for Hayley, he’s looking to buy her a ring. Brenda takes a moment to twig before squealing and getting very excited. He’d like to pop the question on New Years Eve, a year to the day after their first kiss. They find a ring, he’s worried he hasn’t spent enough, but Brenda re-assures that Hayley won’t mind. They bump into David in the jewellers, he’s after a ring to match the ear-rings he give Ruth last week.
  • Pat mentions to Kathy about Liam having left Lower Loxley and suggests that she apply to replace him. Pat’s sure that Ambridge Organics would cope without her. Kathy visits Lower Loxley and Nigel’s impressed with her CV, although Lizzie would rather wait until they see what other applicants they attract. But, later, Nigels telephones to offer her the job – to start in the new year. Kathy is bowled over by the news.