Rumours are spreading about Bridge Farm and Eddie reminds Clarrie she was ill for longer than she remembered.

Radio Times: Clarrie is getting worried. Meanwhile Jack celebrates his birthday.

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  • Clarrie is very upset about the potential problem at Bridge Farm. She feels she should at least explain to Pat about the undercooked sausages but Eddie thinks she should just enjoy the time off.
  • At Bridge Farm they are trying to keep things quiet. But the trouble is, mud sticks. Even if there isn’t any truth in it they have to minimise the damage. Pat is beginning to think it might be down to Clarrie. If only she’d known she’d have told her to take another day off. Trouble is, Susan will have told half the village already. And the necessary advert in the Echo on Thursday won’t help. Plus Kirsty obviously knows something is going on when Tom collects all the withdrawn stock. And the Underwood manager is furious. He even wanted to return Tom’s sausages but they had sold out. They must keep a lid on things.
  • Jack seems to be having a very good day. He recognises Peggy and seems to know it’s his birthday. He even seems to like the tie pin she has made.
  • Pat does drop round to see Clarrie and says about the illness. Clarrie explains about the sausages at the barbecue. And she is adamant she was better within the 48 hour rule for returning to work. After Pat leaves, Eddie reminds her, she wasn’t better. He remembers her rushing to the loo when the tennis was at match point.
  • Pat tells Tony that from what Clarrie has told her it doesn’t seem as if she could have been the cause of the illness because of the incubation period. But news is spreading. Everyone at Ambridge Organics is querying why there is no ice cream or yoghurt and she’s had to tell the fete committee that they will need to find another supplier.

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