Ruth and David decide to ask Jude over for an evening so they can discuss the travel plans.

Radio Times: Kenton puts his foot in it, while Brian forms a plan of action.

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  • One of the Brookfield cows has been cut from broken glass thrown from a car. Very annoying. Ruth has been on the phone to Pip’s tutor. He said he did all he could to talk her out of it but she wasn’t listening. Pip will be welcome back though, if she makes up her mind quick.
  • Kathy is still refusing to go to Jaxx for no reason, despite Jamie having gone and sampled the new menu. First time he’d smiled in ages. Maybe Kathy will visit sometime next week. Still, the owner of Jaxx seems to be very pleased with the way things are going, despite his initial misgivings. David is less enthusiastic about Kenton when he hears Pip has been claiming that Kenton thinks disappearing at 16 was the best thing that happened to him.
  • Annabelle has been tracking down the owners of the land Brian thinks is suitable for a new market. One of the owners seems like a possible but the other one doesn’t seem interested. Maybe not motivated by money.
  • It’s Kirsty’s plant sale tomorrow. She hopes it will go well because she’s had to agree to help out at the fete instead.
  • Ruth’s solution to the problem is to invite Jude over one evening. At least that way they can discuss their plans and they will know what Pip is thinking. And it might encourage Pip to realise that she can talk to them and not just to Elizabeth and Kenton.