Ruth gets a treat. Matt promises Lilian a treat.

Radio Times: Lilian faces a new temptation.

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  • Ruth is touched when Jill brings the boys back from church with Mothering Sunday posies. She’s had a lazy morning while David and Pip did the milking, and is looking forward to lunch at the Bull.
  • Pip enjoys helping David, and can’t understand why they don’t go into organic milk sales, like Oliver, She’s really interested the herd, and in their business, to David’s delight.
  • Matt catches Lilian red-handed with a bottle of cooking sherry. She claims it’s for a sherry trifle, but doesn’t convince him. Matt is determined that Lilian should stick to her bargain, and intends to monitor her closely. There is a carrot, however; if Lilian makes it to Easter without alcohol, Matt will take her clothes shopping in New York. Lilian is ecstatic. After all, she needs new clothes now that she’s shed 10lb. Matt whisks her to the Bull for an Elderflower presse.
  • The Mothering Sunday lunch is a great success. David and Pip insist that they will do the evening milking, and a toast to The Best Mum in the World is drunk. No-one could be happier than David today.

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