Shula tells Alistair to leave if he doesn’t love her anymore.

Radio Times: Shula reaches breaking point.

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  • Shula needs to collect Daniel from school when the Secretary calls to say he’s ill but she can’t find Alistair. Lillian ends up holding the fort at the stables.
  • Fallon is still worried that there won’t be an audience for her show. Tickets still aren’t selling. But by later in the day sales seem to have picked up.
  • Sid tries to cheer Alistair up but he doesn’t get much reaction – even to talk about cricket at Loxley Barratt. Lillian tells him about Daniel being ill and he still hadn’t picked up Shula’s message but he dashes off. Sid is trying to make an impression on Lillian but he’s not too keen on her idea of special drinks for May Day. He’s even less impressed with her costumes for them – especially the tights. Jolene is more pleased with hers and she promises Sid Lillian will soon get bored of playing at landlord.
  • Shula tries to press Alistair to find out where he’s been. She accuses him of gambolling and of having an affair but he denies it. Finally she tells him that if he doesn’t love her anymore she wants him to go and Alistair says he will go if that’s what she wants.

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