Sid thinks his statement might have made it worse for Kathy. Adam is not impressed that Brian thinks it is “easier” for Ruairi to stay with Bridget rather than Adam and Ian.

Radio Times: Sid talks first and thinks later.

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  • Sid’s mind isn’t on the job and his mistakes are annoying Fallon as well as the customers. Jolene tries to be sympathetic but Fallon is stressed about Ed too. But she isn’t giving up yet. She is going to try to get him back to the Bull on Friday afternoon.
  • Emma is still not telling the whole truth to her new boyfriend about her family situation – especially when Will calls being worried about George and she finds it difficult to explain. The boyfriend would like to meet some of the people she keeps talking about but Emma somehow doesn’t think that’s a good idea.
  • Brian tells Adam he has sorted it all out. Jennifer can go away for a break after all because Ruairi can go to stay with Bridget!
  • Jolene tries to make Sid understand that he’s done his best for Kathy and he has to let it go but Sid still thinks he’s put his foot in it. Maybe they’ll even think Kathy made the whole story up to get Sid off her back over Jamie. And because he hit Owen it makes him look like some sort of jealous boyfriend. He made the statement to try to help Kathy out but maybe he’s just made things worse.

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