Siobhán takes a trip to the doctor; Fallon, Ed and Jazzer take a trip.

Radio Times: William is a laughing stock.

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  • Elizabeth has accompanied Siobhán to the doctors. Siobhán is happy for her to look round the shops and for them to meet up again after the appointment.
  • Fallon and Ed are hanging about in the woods, waiting for Jazzer to bring the ‘stuff’. William is at work collecting pheasant’s eggs and is rather scathing about Ed’s apparent first time interest in fresh air. He warns them that there’ll be trouble if Greg sees them and suggests they take a walk back home. They are equally scathing about William’s line of work, especially when he mentions his next job – dray poking.
  • The nice woman doctor has reassured Siobhán that all is currently well and straightforward with her pregnancy, so she and Elizabeth go back to the flat for a cup of tea.
  • Greg and William are cleaning the pheasant’s eggs and discussing the problem of too much milk that Baby Spice is currently producing – apparently Clarrie has suggested bathing in it like – well, William can’t remember who but we know which Egyptian Queen he means! Greg mentions that he will be off next Tuesday afternoon and that they must keep an eye on the old shepherd’s hut as he thinks someone has been sleeping rough, or something, in it.
  • The ‘or something’ is well under way in the hut and Jazzer and co. are seeing things, hearing things, giggling a lot about not much and comparing embarrassing relatives – Fallon’s Mum for her forthcoming Country and Western wedding and Ed’s brother for poking drays. This, Jazzer must see!
  • Elizabeth is admiring the view from Siobhán’s flat – not very practical for a baby with all the stairs, is Siobhán’s observation. Perhaps she should look for somewhere else before she herself can’t manage – but won’t things change when Tim finds out about the baby, asks Elizabeth, as surely he will be just as happy at the prospect of fatherhood? Siobhán has to tell her that Tim is not the father, but skirts round the fact that Elizabeth then assumes it is Christian’s baby. She discloses that she will be seeing and telling Tim next Tuesday and says she knows she can rely on Elizabeth to be discreet.
  • Greg and William have already dispatched a load of grey squirrels. Giggling from the bushes reveals the doped up trio of dray poking spectators who obviously don’t understand the first thing about the problems these foreign vermin cause. William is appalled at the state of them and their ignorance. He responds to the suggestion that he might go to their gig at The Bull tonight with, “You must be joking!”

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