The dairy project rolls on – but it seems unlikely that Ed will be a part of it.

Radio Times: Oliver lays down the law.

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  • Emma is desperate for news of Ed and, since Mike is a regular visitor to Grange Farm, he seems a good man to ask. The news is not good: he is drinking and depressed and is giving Oliver and Caroline a hard time.
  • A hard time indeed – Oliver can’t even get him out of bed. He thought Ed might come with him to check the herd. Caroline is in despair; they cannot go on like this.
  • Clarrie finds some comfort, not for the first time, in talking to Mike. At least she knows he is safe and Oliver is doing his best for him. If only Eddie would show a bit of compassion; he has no regard for her feelings: she is terrified that Ed will take off again. Mike promises to keep an eye on things and that makes Clarrie feel so much better.
  • Emma would like her dad to keep an eye on George for half an hour but he is quick to work out why. She made the right decision for George’s sake and she should not waste her life on someone who has given up on himself. But she loves him and will not give up on him; she objects to Neil putting him in the same category as her uncle Clive.
  • Two weeks to go before Mike starts delivering Grange Farm milk; he thinks he would like to start earlier so that his customers get yesterday’s milk on their breakfast table. As he and Oliver talk, Ed joins them in a more active mood; but his attention is quickly diverted to Caroline’s car arriving. He fancies a drive – but in his present condition that is ruled out! Oliver insists that he needs help; he should see a doctor. Ed is sure that wouldn’t help but don’t worry, he won’t be hanging about here much longer.

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