The dawn of a new era for Grey Gables: Caroline sees an opportunity for change.

Radio Times: Caroline looks to the future.

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  • At Brookfield it’s time for another TB test, so they can look forward to a weekend of uncertainty until the results come through.
  • At Grey Gables the immediate problem is to make short term arrangements to cover for Jean-Paul until they can recruit another chef. Can Ian stay longer? He has no other plans and he is enjoying it so – yes. A six week temporary contract is agreed; Caroline forgot to discuss accommodation but Jack assures her that Ian is welcome to continue to stay at The Lodge. As for the longer term, Caroline has been thinking. What yesterday was a problem is now a challenge. They have an unexpected opportunity to change things in ways that Jean-Paul would never have tolerated; he was a master but of the old school. Jack is rather more conservative and worries about losing their reputation and driving away existing customers but Caroline is convinced they should seek a really top-notch chef.
  • The strain is showing at Brookfield as David bullies Pip into some piano practice. He and Ruth are at odds on this subject, in fact Ruth wishes the Cathedral School and its entrance exam had never been mentioned. Pip is under too much pressure, so David should get off her back.
  • Ian’s evening work over, he comes in rather wet. Peggy is quite explicit in extending his welcome, even offering the use of her car. (The poor chap only has time to go between The Lodge and the hotel!) When they are alone again, Peggy gives the wavering Jack a push. She is with Caroline; they should seize the opportunity for change.

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