The plan to get even with Tom comes to fruition while David and Ruth ponder their fall-back options and could it be Les Tireurs á l’Arc in 2001?

Radio Times: Tom is stitched up.

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  • Lynda and Lauren are raking over the glowing embers of the Mikado production and looking at the production photographs. With full houses every night it was financially successful too, there is even a surplus for next year’s production; she’s a glutton for punishment that Lynda. She is also a good sport, for without understanding why, she covers for a hastily retreating Lauren, assuring Tom that Lauren has not been there yet. Tom gets to see the photos himself while he waits.
  • Ruth and David have weightier matters to ponder. What if Phil does not go for their beef scheme? Ruth is all for popping over to Normandy to look at farms there; some brochures came this morning. It would be nice to live somewhere where they value people who work the land! David, however, is still confident that his Dad will be impressed with their figures.
  • At the Bull again, Tom is ambushed by co-conspiritors, Lauren and Kirsty. After such an elaborate plot, it might have been expected that Tom would be made to squirm to the bitter end but he is saved by a fit of giggles from both girls who just can’t wait to explain how he has been fooled. Tom accepts his punishment with good grace and is not at all disappointed at the prospect of spending New Year’s Eve with Kirsty.

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