The trial continues with Sid’s evidence.

Radio Times: Will tries to ease his conscience.

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  • Will has called unannounced on Nic. She hands over George’s birthday present and Will, rather misguidedly, attempts to hand over some money to tie her over until she can sort out somewhere to live and get her benefits flowing again. This is flatly refused: she never wanted his money, not for herself or for her children; she can look after them and, believe it or not, she can also look after his. One last thing: she admits that she was wrong to have hit George; maybe she could have been more patient and understanding on other occasions but she had never hit him, save for the once Will witnessed.
  • Sid joins the others in the waiting room: until they have given their evidence, they cannot go into the court. When Kathy emerges, Pat tries to understand what is bothering her; she cannot give details but what Claire went through was much worse; it makes Kathy glad she did not fight back.
  • Sid recounts how he had found Kathy at Christmas and how distressed she became when he suggested that Jamie stayed with him. Then the details of the rape came out, also how Sid subsequently went round to see Taylor and, though he knows he shouldn’t, he had hit him.
  • Outside the court, Kenton is confident that Sid will get his evidence across; he passionately believes Kathy – maybe too much so in Pat’s view. Inside, Sid now has to face the defence counsel, who makes a big point of the rough justice that Sid handed out. She also picks up on the strength of Sid’s feelings for Kathy and draws from him the admission that Taylor never admitted the rape.

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