The wedding party is a huge success. Emma has some news for Ed.

Radio Times: Neil embarrasses the family

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  • Jennifer has astounded everyone by organising a truly amazing wedding party and the compliments fly from all quarters. Brian rather enjoys commenting on the behaviour of the Horrobin enclave, but Jennifer’s still tense.
  • Susan’s tense, too, not wanting to put a foot wrong now that she’s hobnobbing with the county set, as she informs Neil. A few glasses of Brian’s champagne calm her nerves and loosen Neil’s tongue. He insists on making a speech, which compares the Carter/Aldridge match to the science of breeding pigs. Noble Brian then leads Susan onto the dance floor, leaving tipsy Neil to invite a somewhat reluctant Jennifer.
  • Emma wants Ed to come outside with her, but he keeps getting diverted. Chris suggests that Emma’s going to propose – something that appears never to have crossed Ed’s mind. As Chris and Alice leave for Grey Gables, they reveal to Jennifer that they had been winding her up all along about Clive.
  • Emma finally has a moment alone with Ed. They’re having a baby. Ed is so happy he can barely speak.

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