There is no hope for Brenda. She is completely besotted.

Radio Times: Brenda turna a deaf ear.

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  • In Ambridge Organics, Kirsty is keen to find out more about Sam, one of the casuals at Bridge Farm, the one with long straw-coloured hair. But don’t ask Tom, just tell him to be ready on time for a meal at the Cantonese restaurant this evening. Jack is shopping for healthy things like pumpkin seeds; he hopes they will cure a problem with his nails, in case the TV people do a close-up of his hands.
  • Roy has called at Willow Farm and is persuaded to stay for a coffee with his sister who seems unusually perky. He reports a phone call in which he was able to talk to Phoebe, which was weird. It calmed Hayley a bit.
  • Kirsty muses whether all men are like Tom – never want to try anything new; getting him to eat at anything other than a pizza house is a triumph. Pat says Tony is just the same.
  • Jack is concerned that all the arrangements are in place for the filming and he obviously will not rest until Roy and Lynda have shown him the rotas – with no gaps. This exercise uncovers a curious fact: Lynda will be on reception for almost the whole duration of the filming.
  • Brenda is on late shift and is enjoying her free morning but Kirsty is only allowed half an hour off for coffee and cakes. She thought Brenda was foot-loose and fancy-free and can hardly believe it when she hears that the fling with Scott is not over; he is still with “face-ache”, she saw them in The Bull last night. Get real Brenda. He is a creep and full of himself. No, he is really sensitive and for the first time in weeks Brenda is happy, at least she was until she met up with Kirsty. She does not want to fall out with Brenda, in spite of a rather unkind dig about not being quite so good at seeing through people when Tom was two-timing with Lauren; she just doesn’t want to see Brenda hurt. Alas, Brenda has been completely taken in by Scott; she understands him. It will all end in tears.

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