There is no reprieve for David. Phoebe plans a trip to South Africa.

Radio Times: Elizabeth is on the defensive and Hayley is at her wits’ end.

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  • All that poring over the books has led David to the conclusion that they should cut down the number of animals in the rare breed collection; the appeal will not be reduced but they could significantly reduce costs. Elizabeth admits that Nigel never wanted to part with any of the animals.
  • Kate has taken Phoebe for lunch and rather too readily agrees to Phoebe’s suggestion that she goes with Kate to South Africa for Easter. Phoebe can’t wait to tell Hayley; it will be the best trip ever.
  • The chairman of the Trustees, Stephen Maidment, is impressed by what he has seen. He agrees that Elizabeth has some good staff but there must be good leadership too; he recommends bringing in a manager. Elizabeth is adamant that she doesn’t need one; the wrong person would be a disaster. Amazingly, he doesn’t press the point. So Elizabeth ends the day delighted that the Trustees will now leave them alone; they just need to stay on track. David can hardly believe his ears; clearly his sister is under the impression that his assistance at Lower Loxley is for the long term. Ruth isn’t going to like this!
  • Phoebe has some amazing news too; she reports her South Africa trip as Kate’s idea and very much a fait accompli. When Hayley begins to point out potential problems she declares that there is no way they are going to stop her. Clearly there are stormy times ahead.

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