Tom faces problems with his staff. Alistair plans a birthday treat.

Radio Times: Tom faces a managerial challenge.

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  • Shula’s in a mood, shouting at Daniel and switching the radio off when Alistair is listening to it as he’s working. Initially she’s scornful of Lynda’s grandiose ideas for set design, but when she sees that Alistair is enjoying the challenge, she mellows – though when he suggests talking about Daniel’s birthday, Shula is quick to point out that she usually has to remind Alistair.
  • Tom’s heard from Gary’s referee at last, and the news isn’t too good. He’s said to be keen and conscientious, but his lapses of concentration have caused problems in the past. Tom wants Jazzer to take responsibility for Gary, but he refuses; Tom pays him as a pigman, not a recruitment consultant.
  • It seems that most of the Brookfield clan are going to take up bell-ringing. Pip and Jonathan are going for a try-out, and Josh thinks it could boost his pocket-money.
  • Tom tries, rather lamely, so tell Gary that his work isn’t up to scratch. Gary claims that his ex-boss was a bully, and says how much he likes working for Tom. He begs Tom not to sack him, and Tom caves in – he’ll think it over. Jazzer isn’t impressed.
  • Over a calving, Alistair asks Ruth about the rock-climbing wall for Daniel’s birthday. Shula rings with a message, and to ask whether they can discuss the birthday treat tonight. She also asks how the GA meeting went, and reminds Alistair that Ryan isn’t solely his responsibility.

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