Tom’s come-uppance is getting nearer and David’s inheritance further away.

Radio Times: Lauren joins the plot.

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  • Lauren comes to see Hayley convinced that she will have to disappoint her. The idea of singing with Tom makes her ill; she simply could not flutter her eyelashes and sing of their wedding day – execution day, maybe. But she is prepared to listen to Hayley’s plan.
  • Jill is being very considerate to her son; she and Heather will take the kids and do the supermarket shopping for David and Ruth. She tries to persuade him to delay visiting a beef farmer in Kent but he wants to get on with it and put a strong business case to his father.
  • Lauren is warming to the idea. Kirsty is up for it and will persuade Tom to declare undying love for her. So she can play hard to get and make him squirm, then she and Kirsty can have some fun at rehearsals. Lauren admits she was enjoying the show and the plan sounds good. Ok, she will do it.
  • David and Ruth are enjoying a quiet evening with a bottle of wine. Somebody will have to sort out a nativity costume for Pip; in spite of David’s claim to be capable of sewing on a button, it seems unlikely to be him. For their anniversary next Friday they decide to invite Phil and Jill for a meal, to thank them for all their help. Maybe over a port, Dad will take a mellow view of their ideas for the farm.
  • Interrupted briefly by Edward Grundy trying to sell them holly, Phil gets down to some Mikado practice, which he hopes will be worthwhile. Jill is on edge and cannot concentrate on her Christmas cards with “that noise”. This uncharacteristic manner has been brought on by a sense of injustice that Phil is allowing David to go off on a wild goose chase. Phil insists that he wants to hear David’s ideas alongside Alan’s. Jill is concerned that David is in the dark, while Elizabeth has muscled in and been consulted. However, Phil feels that she has had some interesting things to say.

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