Tom tells Brian if he wants the supermarket deal he is on his own.

Radio Times: Brian plays hardball at Bridge Farm.

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  • Shula decides after all that she can’t do the services at Loxley Barratt. She claims lack of time but there is clearly an undertone. Alan seems to understand but Usha blames it all on Shula wanting to be the centre of attention and while Alan tries to put the other side of the argument, he is clearly upset.
  • Tony and Pat have their party to celebrate taking ownership of Bridge Farm but Tom is absent for most of it with Brian. Brian tells Tom he has done a deal with the supermarket and it’s time for Tom to step up to the mark after all the support Brian has given him when he came whining to him after Tom’s last business disaster. Tom, however, is furious. If Brian is determined to go ahead with the supermarket he is totally on his own.

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