Tommy takes the stand and, if this had been the ring, the prosecution would have won on points.

Radio Times: Tommy is cross-examined.

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  • Jill’s making Pip’s Hallowe’en costume and a consultant is visiting about the possible changes to the pig units, but everyone’s mind is with Tommy. David felt grilled after yesterday, so the sympathy is very personal. Jill, though, has plans for this evening – a good old TV-free family singalong and parlour game session. Ruth and David aren’t so enthusiastic …
  • In court, Tommy’s barrister is warming him up well, he comes across as committed and knowledgeable. He seems well-versed in the potential environmental considerations and makes a coherent case for the possible conflicts with his own farm’s organic status. Unfortunately, when cross-examined, the same rich seam doesn’t last too long. Unsurprisingly the prosecution are trying to blame youthful bravado and ignorance, pointing out that at the time of the attack he knew nothing about the work of the experts whose testimony he will use in his defence and was basing his opinions on media-reported half-truths. He strenuously denies this, but the battering continues as he admits that the only previous opposition to the GM crop had been a conversation with Brian, no letters or more formal complaints, apparently a fit of pique and lawless impetuosity.
  • Tommy ends not looking so good and his watching parents feel that today, unlike the first two, probably saw the balance swing away from him.
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