Tony annoys Tom over his unilateral decision to buy farm machinery.

Radio Times: News spreads fast in Ambridge and Tony strikes out alone.

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  • A bit of help with his pigs would be appreciated by Tom but Dad isn’t here. Where is he? He is looking at mower conditioners, ignoring Tom’s opposition.
  • Kathy is once again in Jamie’s face; short of being rude he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to ‘do something’ with her. She gives him the opportunity of a job at the golf club but he is lukewarm about it. She will go for a walk but when she comes back they can have a nice evening. Whatever.
  • Tony is full of his purchase – a snip at £7500. Tom’s protestation that they are supposed to do things together falls on deaf ears. Tony regards this as a small item and he does not expect to clear every decision. Tom regards it as significant money – and wasted.
  • Kathy pours out her parenting troubles to Pat. She also offers her congratulations. Yes, the village grapevine has worked as you might expect once Susan and Vicky had been told. Pat is relieved at not having to keep the secret any more but admits there is a lot of work to do to win round Tony and his mum.
  • Tom tries to soothe his Gran, who is very upset about Helen’s baby; at least she expects he and Brenda will be having a proper wedding. He relates the run-in with his dad about the farm machinery. It’s a lot of money; although he decided against the veal and ham pie venture, the cost was part of the decision and this money would have covered it. Peggy is sympathetic.
  • Jamie has discussed the golf club job with Kenton and has decided to go for it. He will go tomorrow but needs to come back in time to go bowling with Marty – and he will stay the night.

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