Tony makes a decision; he is taking Pat to Venice for her birthday.

Radio Times: Tony makes an announcement.

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  • Tony is hoping to borrow a chainsaw from Brookfield but only Ruth’s mum is about and she has no idea where it is. When Ruth appears it is in a fine bad-temper; she is very tired but she does know where the chainsaw is kept. Tony has also collected some advice from Heather about Pat’s birthday.
  • Back at Bridge Farm, Tom is critical of his sister’s behaviour. Pat defends her on the grounds of apprehension about Greg’s trip to France and concern over the effect on those involved. Tom cannot see what she has to worry about: Greg is clearly besotted with her. Nigel calls in, hoping for news of his missing Harris hawk but no-one has seen her. Tony assigns Tom to sawing logs while he will deliver the vegetables to the shop. That suits Tom just fine but Tony assures Pat that the bickering will very soon be sorted out.
  • Ruth’s nerves are still raw and Pip gets a first class telling-off for neglecting to do her duty by Jill’s hens. But Pip is not the only head-strong daughter in the house: Ruth’s own mum puts her foot down and insists on her taking a break. Also, she will stop milking after tonight – no, stop now! Nigel calls, still looking for Eleanor; he had no luck at Home Farm but he brings news that the lambing is going well there. However, Pip had come home with a story about a pet rabbit being taken by a hawk – at Glebelands.
  • Tony returns from Borchester with news that he and Pat will be going to Venice for her birthday; Tom and Helen’s contribution will be to keep the show on the road without arguing.
  • When Nigel hears a bang he comes a-runnin’ but finds Ed potting rooks with Eddie’s shot-gun – not legal of course but Ed assures him that he has his parents’ blessing. Of course Ed would not have shot at a hawk. It will have found shelter for the night by now but he will keep a lookout tomorrow; is there a reward? Nigel senses Ed’s mood and tries some cheery chat: how is the Community Service (not Ed’s favourite topic), how is the band (what band, an even worse topic), how is his brother and has he got a new car (rock bottom there, Nigel). Oh dear.

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