Turns out James Bellamy and Leonie are “an item” which raises some eyebrows.

Radio Times: Ambridge finds out about a match made in heaven and Jolene resists temptation.

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  • Lynda is still not happy that Leonie is around. Robert tries to convince her that things are going better and indeed, they do seem to be a bit better. That might be because the new love of her life is in Ambridge and is free for lunch. His name is, mysteriously, J.
  • James is also planning to take his new girlfriend for lunch at The Bull. He won’t say who she is to Lilian either.
  • Jolene and Kenton are on their way back from Monte Carlo. She claims she wants to buy duty free cigarettes for Lilian but Kenton isn’t having anything of it. Still, Jolene feels better after the holiday. She feels like a new woman. Much more relaxed. But she isn’t relaxed about Jamie still being around. Kenton thinks he’ll have a go. Jamie will just have to listen.
  • Of course, the inevitable happens and Leonie’s new boyfriend, J, turns out to be James…. Great shock and consternation around, of course. They met on some sort of double date. Matt takes great delight in teasing them both – he’d say they are made for each other. Lynda isn’t so sure. James has broken a few hearts in his time.

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