Unsavoury comments are appearing on the Message Board and Joe is the target.

Radio Times: Lynda’s in a spin.

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  • Jennifer must be the first to see it. Lynda is so pleased with her llama wool, spun on Jennifer’s wheel, and despite the small quantity she plans to knit something straight away – an egg cosy perhaps!
  • Eddie has called at Brookfield to offer his services for the fête – ferret racing; Jill needs to consult and will let him know. Further discussion is interrupted by a commotion as a fox makes off with one of the hens; it’s a good job they were there or it would have had the lot.
  • Lynda is worried about recent interactions on the Message Board. ‘Foursquare’ is moaning about Joe and Bartelby; it is all getting rather personal. Lynda cannot reveal his identity though, not even to Jennifer.
  • Joe is incensed. Droppings, I’ll give him droppings! By which you will gather that Foursquare thinks Bartelby’s are a health hazard. Clarrie is urging Joe to calm down as Eddie comes in for tea alone: Ed has gone to meet Fallon in Borchester after receiving text messages.
  • Jill seeks advice from Greg about keeping the fox from her hens. His birds are kept within a double fenced enclosure with an electric wire outside and if he sees a fox, he shoots it. Further discussion is interrupted by his phone but the caller (presumably Helen) is asked, with some irritation, to respond that he will ring back tomorrow.
  • Joe can take no more, so he has paid a visit to Lynda to find out who is this Foursquare. Lynda admits that his contributions are harsh but Joe must reply on the Board. However unfair he thinks it, Lynda cannot possibly tell him who it is; (uncharacteristically) her lips are sealed.

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