Usha is robbed while out on her run.

Radio Times: Usha’s training is brought to a halt.

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  • Being cooped up in the house mixed together with the anxiety starts to take its toll with Lilian and Matt have a major row. They are interrupted by Lynda and after she has gone, Matt tries to make amends by offering to come to the supermarket with Lilian, much to her surprise.
  • Usha is out for a run when she nearly has a collision with a car. The driver stops, apparently to check she is okay but he becomes threatening when she refuses to accept a lift. It seems as if he is about to attack her but finally settles for taking her MP3 player and he drives off. Lilian and Matt find Usha in a state and take her back to the vicarage.
  • Lynda has found her way to the vicarage and is talking to Alan about serving the food in her B&B from a 5 mile radius when Usha is brought back. She tries to put a brave face on things but is clearly very upset. She is more cross with herself than anything.

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