Vicky chooses a dress, in spite of Brenda’s advice.

Radio Times: Brenda’s diplomacy is put to the test.

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  • Waiting for Vicky – that is Brenda’s lot; she is really not looking forward to helping Vicky choose a wedding dress and fears it will look like an explosion in a meringue factory. Meanwhile Kenton seeks her opinion on his plans for Jaxx, including a complete change of mood in the evening.
  • Lilian hopes that Adam has heard something about Matt. It seems he is shutting everyone out; nobody has seen him. Adam thinks Matt should make the first move. He would like Lilian to come for supper, to try out Ian’s salad recipes for the plinth at the fête, but she cannot be tempted.
  • Brenda is trying to inject a voice of moderation into Vicky’s choice of dress. But despite her best efforts, Vicky has fallen in love with one and will not be turned.
  • Working together on the sheep, Brian seeks Adam’s opinion about Matt. Brian fears a repeat of Greg, over whom he regrets not picking up the signals early enough; he resolves to speak to Matt.

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