Vicky stays over at Mike’s. Brenda finds her having breakfast.

Radio Times: Tom’s plans are put on hold.

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  • Mike’s brought Vicky an early morning cup of tea. Try as she might, she can’t persuade him to stay for ten more minutes, the lure of Jazzer and unloading the van is too strong.
  • David tells Pat of a letter received by the Parish Council. It’s worried her wetlands will attract mosquitoes, what with global warming. David will get Auntie Chris to write a polite reply.
  • Brenda calls in on Dad, only to be stunned by Vicky having breakfast at the kitchen table enveloped in Mike’s tent-like dressing gown. Trying but failing to act normally, she declines Vicky’s offer of coffee and departs.
  • David comes across a cosy Mike and Vicky at the Bull. Mike tells of Eddie’s odd questions about Oliver’s movements; he’s up to something. Vicky tells Mike that Brenda may have been embarrassed over breakfast.
  • Tom’s prepared a special meal, and has something to talk to Brenda about. But Mike arrives, dropping off the last of Brenda’s clothes. He says he hopes she wasn’t too surprised this morning, and she insists it’s fine. When he’s gone she explains to Tom and says she can’t get it out of her head; she’s not ready for Dad to go and get married and doesn’t want to think about it. She asks what was it Tom wanted to talk about, but he says it’s not important and proposes it wait until some other time.

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