Washday blues.

Radio Times: Washday blues.

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  • It would have been John’s birthday yesterday and the family celebrated New Year together.
  • Sid’s determined to get fit in the New Year, starting by jogging around the green a few times! He even wants Kathy to join him in a joint membership at Grey Gables’ gym! They could even do Clarrie a favour by paying her to mind Jamie while they are out. She, though, is less convinced by his resolve.
  • Helen seems more than a little unsure about Tommy and Hayley’s pig business, complaining about everything from her perception that a 50-50 split in the profits is harsh on Tommy (after all, Hayley is still living in Birmingham) to the way that the problems over the Christmas pork would reflect badly on Pat and Tony’s carefully crafted Bridge Farm reputation. She seems to think that absorbing it into the farm would make proper business sense.
  • Still no new washing machine at Grange Farm, but Eddie, at least is not feeling too down. He’s even dreaming of next year’s New Year’s Eve party – only Clarrie isn’t confident that they’ll still be there.