Will believes that Ed poached the pheasants he cooked for Caroline and Oliver and Ed does nothing to disabuse him.

Radio Times: Leon redeems himself with Helen.

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  • Will is trying to encourage Adam to think about beetle banks – on Home Farm and the estate. There is still a way to go to make the shoot properly environmental.
  • Joe is raising his hopes a bit too much over his Christmas presents. Wine or camel trousers. Ed warns him times are tough. But Joe sees a way to make more money out of Deck the Halls – they could do the decorations and Joe could find a recipe for punch to sell them.
  • Will isn’t impressed to hear Caroline has been singing Ed’s praises over the dinner party. When he finds out they served pheasant casserole he automatically assumes Ed poached them and Ed rather encourages the thought.
  • Leon makes things up to Helen with a candlelight dinner. She is very impressed by his travelling and wishes she had more experience of the world. He isn’t so keen though when she talks about him meeting her parents.

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