William can’t face having George this week and talks of leaving Ambridge.

Radio Times: Clarrie tells Emma some home truths.

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  • Emma finds Clarrie at home and soon hears that it’s all her fault Clarrie nearly lost both her sons. Clarrie softens slightly on hearing Emma had no idea Will had fallen for her delectable charms again.
  • Emma wants Will to know nothing’s changed regarding George. Clarrie agrees to arrange this week’s visit of the boy to his dad. She thinks it’ll be good for William.
  • Oliver says he feels “ten years younger” having breakfast with Caroline. But it’s knowing the dairy’s future that’s done this. They agree it’s the real thing between Ed and Emma.
  • Mike already knows Oliver’s news; Ed called round last night to tell him. He also feels “ten years younger”. [Is it something in the milk?] He’s going to spend the odd half-day at Cormack’s archaeological dig at Millennium Wood over the next fortnight. The open invite to metal detect attracts Eddie.
  • William’s lost in thought when Caroline approaches in the wood. Everyone would be better off without him and he should leave the village. Caroline’s just about to knock some sense into him when Clarrie arrives with his forgotten sandwiches. When mum brings up having George, William says he can’t and scarpers leaving Caroline to tell Clarrie of his thoughts of leaving.

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