William is still angry and Justin does some persuading

Radio Times: Brian takes the blame and there’s an unexpected offer for Rex

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  • William has been to collect Nic’s death certificate. Later, he will be going to visit Jake and Mia at Andrew’s tonight. He is still angry that Joe didn’t fetch him while Nic was dying.
  • Brian is worried about Home Farm losing the BL farming contract, but Justin reassures him that he will speak with Annabelle and Andrew about it before the BL meeting on the 19th.
  • Toby suggests to Rex he should take on Neil’s weaners, but Rex is not interested.
  • Justin has persuaded Annabelle and Andrew that they will not review the BL contract. He then asks Brian for his support on another matter which will be discussed at the meeting.
  • Jennifer wants Brian to own up to Adam and Debbie about him allowing chemicals to be dumped in Low Mead. She feels complicit now that she knows but the children don’t. However, Brian points out that if they are told, then they will be complicit in hiding it from the others.
  • Brian calls round to see Will. According to Will, it is all Brian’s fault that he wasn’t with Nic when she was so sick as Brian forced him to work when he should have been with Nic.

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