William makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Radio Times: William makes the ultimate sacrifice.

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  • Eddie’s trying to pick out two milkers from the Jersey herd, Joe’s not making it easy by referring to them by their pet names but a decision is made. They all (including William) realise that getting rid of milkers is a bad long-term move, but there are no other short-term options.
  • On an introductory walk around Grey Gables shoot, Greg doesn’t take too kindly to William’s presence but, apparently, Jack laid down the law and said that William was part of the team and Greg was Brian’s man and had to take them as he found them.
  • Tony comes to visit his mum and the strain is all too obvious. It’s not just Pat’s current condition that’s worrying him – her outburst of a few weeks back that she really does think he was partially to blame for John’s death is weighing heavily on his mind. All this brings back memories of her own troubled spouse for Peggy and she tells her son that he has to be strong, for his family’s sake. She also tells him that he can rely on his wider family and, later, tells Jack that he’s going to have to fend for himself for a while because Bridge Farm needs her and she doesn’t intend to let them down.
  • William’s decided that letting the milkers go is not good business sense and he wants to sell his show animal, Posh Spice, instead. Joe’s shocked at the idea, but William’s adamant. The price she’ll fetch is likely to be more than the sum of the two others and, besides, there’s always her calf, Baby Spice, to bring on. When Eddie sees the long faces he automatically assumes a costly error!