William takes an early bath.

Radio Times: William takes an early bath.

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  • Eddie tries, unsuccessfully, to get William to help him take some prime manure to the ‘dog woman’ (Marjorie) for her petunias. William is too obsessed by what his sixteenth birthday present will be. Having resigned himself to the fact that it will not be a shot-gun he has now set his heart on a scramble-bike. His mate has one for sale at the ‘bargain price’ of 300. Eddie thinks it’s a great idea but has to tell William straight that there’s no way they can afford it. Clarrie comes out hunting for William and suggests her idea of a leather jacket, which he manages to greet with semi-enthusiasm. However, Clarrie’s on the warpath with him as he ‘forgot’ to take his maths book to school as he hadn’t done his homework. His exams are next month and Clarrie thinks he is doomed to failure, blaming the fact that he spends too much time with George Barford.
  • Marjorie has been spring-cleaning the flat for Hayley’s arrival and is hanging a watercolour that she painted herself to brighten it up. Marjorie is still concerned that she is not operating at full capacity and is looking forward to her appointment with her consultant in 3 weeks time. She would love to speed the process up and go private but unfortunately it’s out of the question. Hayley ‘consoles’ her by saying she’s heard that before long they’ll be able to grow any part of your body in a laboratory!
  • George is showing William how to build a pen for the birds when Clarrie comes looking for her son to get home and do his homework. She apologises to George but tries to enlist his help in talking to William about the importance of taking his exams seriously. George thinks that William is learning a lot about the trade of ‘keepering’ and doesn’t feel that it’s his place to interfere.
  • On a visit to Hayley at Nightingale Cottage, Pat bumps into Eddie depositing manure on Marjorie’s driveway. Much to Marjorie’s horror Eddie is too busy to put it on the flowers and drives off leaving it there. Pat’s brought round John’s old chest of drawers for Hayley’s new flat. They have an emotional apology; Pat hates rows and Hayley doesn’t want to lose a good friend over practical business decisions. Pat tries to smooth relations between Helen and Hayley, saying that Helen has spent two years learning about the business side and so is bound to consider that first and that her behaviour is nothing personal. Hayley says she wants to believe Pat but she doesn’t sound convinced.

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