01 November 1996

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  • Ellen’s last day in Ambridge dawns and Julia and Nelson have different feelings. Julia is going with her for a few days to London to chose prints for the wine bar. Nelson seems sad to see Ellen go, as much for her being an ally against a common foe! He promises to visit – without Julia!
  • Joe’s back on the tobacco and is being grateful to the whole village – all bar Simon that is.
  • Clarrie’s latest worry is how to give Lynda her bike back without offending her!
  • Marjorie’s apologetic to Richard and Usha over the cleaning lady, although they (of course) don’t blame her. Susan’s mother, Ivy Horobin (a star char by all accounts) is newly back on the market and they’re hoping to sign her.
  • Richard has received the final letter from the Health Authority. In the light of the report they have significant concerns about his record keeping and drug administration and are refering the matter to the General Medical Council.

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