31 October 1996

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  • Lynda presents William with her, now his, bike. He is speechless – although not with surprise.
  • The pantomime auditions are due for tonight – and Lynda still thinks that she’s in charge.
  • More horror stories about the new cleaning lady at Blossom Hill Cottage.
  • Caroline, as his godmother, buys William a new bike, which he receives when he visits the Dower House on the (staged) pretext of trick-or-treating.
  • Hayley, as author, Lawrence Lovell, (“call me Larry”) as director, and Bert (absent visiting his new grand-daughter) have ousted Lynda, who may be given the job of stage manager. La Snell is not happy at this turn of events.
  • Simon finally rings Shula, but seems more concerned with the progress on the business units than at Grange Farm – she’s convinced he’s deliberately letting them stew.

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