03 October 1996

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  • Lynda’s still got reservations about the house (“They are Americans, when all’s said and done”), although Jennifer offers to look in on them, but is sure everything would be fine.
  • Julia’s friend Rocco, an interior designer from New York, who she met in the drying out clinic, was unpleasant to Lynda, and has been to Nelson’s with an eye to improving it.
  • John was alright after all, a puncture, with a flat spare had held him up and he hadn’t thought to ring.
  • Classic Snell as Lynda discovers the plot to stage Hayley’s Cinderella, attempting to nip things in the bud, Lynda was highly critical about Hayley’s experience. Kathy’s not keen on her out of hand condemnation, Lynda starts to get defensive and deigns to look over the script when it is complete.
  • Phil and Jill attempt to celebrate Jill’s birthday quietly at the Hasset Room, but are taken over by Julia.

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