04 October 1996

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  • Nelson is very anti- Julia’s changes, although Rocco’s designs are intriguing, but not to his taste.
  • An article about Richard appears in the Echo (accompanied by a photo of him in Sealed Knot regalia), the villagers are generally supportive.
  • Simon and Shula discuss the Grundys, he’s adamant that as the MAFF report says that it’s the milk producer’s obligation to get it up to scratch, that’s not him! He would be prepared to foot the bill – in return for more rent. He was not amused at the revelation that Shula had disobeyed him again over not issuing the Notice to Remedy.
  • Satya is still comforting Richard, who is concerned that he has still heard nothing from the review board. She’s ends up berating Usha who seems to be too wrapped up in her own work. She warns her that they aren’t married and thus Richard will only take so much …..

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