06 September 1996

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  • Marjorie tells Richard about her worries about Richard, ostensibly returning Richard’s furniture, Marjorie mentions Ken Barraclough’s visit to Usha, who is slightly shocked that Richard hadn’t told her. She responds by booking a short break for the two of them.
  • Julia is causing still more grief for Nelson, who is too much of a gentleman to complain. He’s unsure about her plans for the wine-bar, and is wary of her creeping ‘improvements’.
  • Whilst visiting Honeysuckle Cottage, Lizzie happens to notice that Gerald Pargetter’s portrait, the portrait that Nigel is in London talking to the film company about, is hanging in Julia’s bedroom. She isn’t in the least bit apologetic (in fact she wants her bed sent down too) and Lizzie is fuming at her attitude.

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