09 September 1996

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  • Richard and Usha had a very relaxing break, although the troubles were never very far away because Richard’s first thought on return was whether the confirmation of the review details had arrived yet.
  • Farce develops as Julia has her bed moved from Lower Loxley to Honeysuckle Cottage, the old one won’t come apart, so will have to be taken out of a window (which itself will have to be minus its frame) …. a crowd gathers, although Julia isn’t too concerned, Nigel doesn’t like her bed on view in the front garden, she berates him “don’t be so middle class”!
  • Usha tells of the chaos when at Nelson’s for a lunch meeting. He seems slightly shocked, rushes home and is none too happy when confronted with the carnage.
  • Roy is (unexpectedly) home and is fairly quiet about the reasons. Mike’s glad to see him and is pleased with his results. Roy’s looking for work and to get on with applications to university, deferred to next year. Eventually we learn that the van is in Wales, although Kate’s location is not clear.

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