10 October 1996

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  • The work on business unit conversion are up for tender and are subject to significant interest.
  • Joe is wondering whether they could get a grant to help with the work, Shula isn’t hopeful.
  • The playground is finally finished, no sooner and William is caught smoking (and playing truant) in it by Christine and Richard. He runs off when Joe turns up to plant some snowdrops in the memorial garden for Martha and Susan.
  • Plans are being drawn up for the DAMP opening, Edward is going to sing and the ribbon will be cut by Pip, as a representative of the great-children.
  • Joe is told about William, who receives a few choice admonishments, but still denies everything despite damning evidence behind the barn (well, he’s a Grundy).
  • Richard would rather watch a videoed football match (even though all Premiership matches were cancelled last weekend) than go out with Usha and Shula, so Usha stays in too, she’s still very concerned over his attitude to recent events.

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