11 October 1996

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  • Julia has invited Al and Mary-Jo to Honeysuckle Cottage for lunch, Nelson is not overly keen.
  • Richard is having another bad morning and isn’t keen on having David and Ruth over for dinner, he’s fed up with Usha’s attempts to keep him entertained.
  • Al and Mary-Jo are curious as to Nelson and Julia’s relationship, but the real concern comes when Mary-Jo looks through some photos of Lynda’s and discovers that a large number of items – pictures, vases, silverware – aren’t in Ambridge Hall when the photos suggest they should be. While round at Nelson’s for lunch Mary-Jo happens to see a few of the items and the Clancys are unsure as to Nelson’s honesty …
  • Richard hasn’t cheered up much and wasn’t much of a host to David and Ruth. He and Usha argue when they leave, but it seems that he has received a letter from the board. When asked when it said “I don’t know …. you’d better read it for yourself”

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