11 September 1996

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  • Eddie’s salivating over his number plate, which he manages to convince Peggy to buy, although she drives a hard bargain, he is beaten down from £1000 to £800, and it’s also conditional on it being legal and above board, although Eddie isn’t the owner, he has letters of authority which seem to convince her, but she’s getting Higgs to check it further.
  • Joe’s obviously worried about his upcoming x-ray, he meets Peggy by the playground construction site and is very depressed by it all.
  • Peggy isn’t worried about Kate and Roy’s losses, in fact she’s impressed that they had the wherewithal to cut their losses and run, and she’s happy to have them repay her over time.
  • Pat is impressed with John’s revised plans, more so when he explains that he was late for their meeting because he’d been discussing the plans at the bank.
  • Mike, John and Eddie come up with the idea of a re-match tug-of-war contest for the fete, The Bull vs The Cat, over the Am! Although who would Eddie pull for?

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