12 September 1996

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  • Richard’s wait for a date for the review is coming to an end, Usha is doing her best to reassure him. Marjorie has been called (and his receptionist, Sarah) – but they’ve been called for Monday 23rd, whereas Richard is due on the 24th, obviously he’s worried at this disparity, but everyone claims that the last word is an advantage.
  • Brian is furious at Kate because she’s avoid him and Peggy since her return, pointing out that even Mike had been to see Peggy about the debt. He, without any prompting, says that he will foot the bill, although it seems to be more a way to have her in his debt that out of parental feeling.
  • The tug-of-war idea is taking off and the preparations for the fete and flower and produce shows are coming along.
  • Kate is looking for work, Pat nor the Hassett Room can help, but she feels her newly gained catering experience can only be a help.

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