13 August 1996

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  • Clarre has still got a smile on her face, briefly wiped off when her signed photo went temporarily missing – Eddie was touting copies for sale!
  • Tony wasn’t happy at the revelation that John was assuming he’d be a soft touch over the loan for John to buy Neil out. Pat is keen to see a speedy resolution but Tony wants to be more sure that John is serious.
  • John had phone calls from Hayey about him helping with a playgroup trip to Bridge Farm – and one from Kelly ….
  • Usha has started at Jefferson Crabtree, and Shula is touched to see Mark’s name still on the nameplate.
  • Shula goes to lay down the law at Grange Farm. Eddie says that the law permits them 14 a year, but Shula is adamant that they can have one more (and only one more) otherwise they’ll be in breach of tenancy.

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