14 August 1996

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  • More bickering between Tom and Bert over the bats in St Stephen’s. Bert’s dropping scoop isn’t particularly effective. Janet is slightly concerned that they could be breaking the law by trying to drive them out, besides which the mothballs and the stuffed owl are not ideal church ornaments!
  • The vicarage is in a bad state inside, very untidy, Bert’s not happy, but Shula and Janet are not too worried.
  • Nelson complains about the car boot sale, to which Shula placates him by telling him she’s about to write a strict letter to the Grundys saying the next will be the last.
  • Charlie (Nelson’s hound and to whom Julia has started calling herself “Mummy” …) is behaving very strangely and disappeared – only to turn up in St Stephen’s, called to prayer by Tom’s anti-bat blows on a dog whistle!
  • Lizzie has been tasked with persuading Julia back into the “Isabella” fold to re-shoot her scene with Marlon! Her conditions are long in coming and harsh once they get there – flowers, fresh coffee and croissant in her room and a limo to take her to Lower Loxley!

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