15 August 1996

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  • Richard was called out very early, but Usha is up due to an early morning meeting with a computer person to teach her “all this networking stuff” …
  • Richard also receives a letter from the Health Authority informing him of Ken Barraclough’s complaint, citing abuse of position over his inclusion in the will, that his negligence hastened his mother’s demise and that he failed to diagnose accurately. Richard is, obviously, fuming, and contacts the Medical Defence Union who offer to advise on his response, as does Usha.
  • Julia’s big re-filming day and the limo does arrive! She’s mobbed by groupies at Lower Loxley, who don’t realise she’s not (that) important.
  • Sid’s getting fed up with the ructions over the cricket team, the final straw was a delegation demanding Sean’s inclusion. He’s decided that he doesn’t want the captaincy any more, he asks Richard if he wants it.
  • Topical interlude as exam results are mentioned, Roy did “better than expected” and one of Usha’s cousins failed apparently.

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