16 August 1996

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  • Eddie’s not been telling the full story to Clarrie about the car boot sales, so when she finds the letter from Shula, the one that mentions that the next one is the last one and hints at the consequences in terms of breaches of tenancy and notices to quit she is not too amused. (She’s also not too happy finding he’s been rummaging around looking for her now hidden signed photo!)
  • Richard seeks Usha’s advice over the content of a letter he’s sending to the Medical Defence Union, in which she advises him to avoid mentioning the will at this stage (“too defensive”), just to stick to the medical facts.
  • Apparently Sid has approached Richard to be his successor as cricket Captain, Richard is tempted but is ultimately going to refuse.
  • Clarrie is around when John, in no uncertain terms, tells Kelly (on the phone) that she cannot stay at Bridge Farm and is labouring under false impressions. When she mentions this to Hayley, who wasn’t amused to see John faking a injury to get out of playground picnic duty, Hayley forgets any animosity and is all lovey-dovey!
  • It’s not all good news for John though, he’s pressuring Tony for a decision on the loan, but Tony isn’t sure that the preparations are advanced enough (market, feed suppliers, pens, &c.) and he’s not prepared to commit at this stage, so the deal with Neil is off?

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