19 August 1996

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  • Usha’s still getting to grips with the new job, computer and all, but Lizzie, ostensibly visiting with regard to a new client, helps her out. She’s looking forward to having no disruption, but is on her way to the printers to advertise their newly found film location status.
  • John breaks the news, about the non-appearance of the loan from Tony, to Neil, who isn’t particularly happy, but agrees to let the gilts stay at Willow Farm for a few more weeks. John is suitably contrite but isn’t too happy with being charged rent for the privilege.
  • Julia is cooking dinner for Nelson, Lizzie drops by and Julia is disappointed that it doesn’t herald more filming. During a break in preparations, Julia stumbles (in a non-alcoholic way) between Neil and John discussing the pigs – which she takes as being a dig at her!
  • Sid is still keen to take his leave of the captaincy of the cricket team, Richard is still maintaining his refusal to accept, despite what would seem to be universal approval.
  • Richard received a reply from the MDU, and faxed a letter to the Health Authority based on their advice.

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